Posted by: Shawn Kimball | March 23, 2008

Announcing OpenSource2U (OS2U)

About OS2U

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OS2U is a small group of teaching professionals and students working with parents and community members to provide technology solutions for your personal learning situation. Choose what you want your computer system to do for you. Customize your computer and receive training to use/learn about technology tools that will enhance and enrich your lives. Discover resources that will help you find what you want and enjoy life in ways “you never dreamed of”!

If you have an existing computer, choose a new high powered CPU with a FLOSS (free/libre open source software) operating system configured the way you want it. You won’t get the same computer that some billionaire Microsoft executive thinks you should have. You will receive a custom machine. You can even get an introductory lesson to get comfortable with your desktop/laptop.

If you need a computer system to fit into an existing space in your home, provide photos and space limitations and we can suggest the layout that will work best for you.

If you have an existing computer that you think doesn’t work very well, install a better, free, operating system with a free suite of software to do virtually everything (and possibly more than the biggest companies).

Wouldn’t you like to do business with a handful of educators who want to provide you with the freedom to use computer resources to enrich and enliven your lives. Knowledge has value. Free access to information whether you are from T2R2 or Timbuktu!

If you have an academic area that you want to study, share your interests with an OS2U professional educator. A learning plan and resources can be designed for you. Even the best plans need adjustments as one matures, so enroll yourself in an open source course (or suggest a course of study that particularly interests you).

Support your learning using readily available software and existing hardware! Give us a call at 207-735-3704 or contact Shawn at to learn more about our most popular systems and learning programs. Speak to a specialist and we will find a fit for you.

Posted by: Shawn Kimball | March 21, 2008

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